Argentum Energy delivers robust, low cost, long term power solutions to our clients and stable cash flows to investors.

  • AE was capitalised in 2016 by the founding shareholders and has since raised further capital from US Private Equity group to develop up to 500MW of power projects in Africa.
  • AE expects 70% of the development projects it undertakes to meet the return threshold required to warrant being financed through to the operational phase.
  • AE has alignment with large investment partners who have appetite for African power project risk, and who will provide the construction/bridging finance required to advance projects to the commissioning and operational stage.
  • AE has relationships with a number of long term off-takers ready for project acquisition once they are fully operational and revenue generation has been secured.
  • AE has significant financial, technical and country expertise and, together with our contracting partners, will ensure that projects undertaken deliver robust, low cost, long term power solutions to our clients.

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