Argentum Energy is technology and contractor agnostic and will include the following key considerations when selecting EPC/O&M contractors and component suppliers:

  • All suppliers must be Tier 1, with an international standing and a strong track record in solar.
  • All PV system design and installations must be unequaled in terms of reputation for quality, performance and integrity, and be able to support bankable warranties.
  • All contractors must have extensive knowledge of grid connections, planning, installation methods and an excellent health & safety record.
  • O&M contractors must demonstrate excellent maintenance track record, with the ability to provide long-term, fully comprehensive, monitoring of operations. They must also be able to operate in the African countries where AE develops solar projects.

AE has developed strong working associations with internationally renowned leaders in the power sector in order to strengthen its offering of 24/7 power solutions to its mining clients.

In August 2017, AE entered into a preferred EPC partnership with the Mytilineos Group (METKA). Through this partnership, AE gained significant thermal expertise and a strong track record of delivery.

Mytilineos/METKA has a huge depth of experience in developing, building and maintaining both thermal power and solar PV/hybrid plants with a portfolio of over 12GW of gas turbine and combined cycle plants and over 500MW of solar installations covering the globe with operations in the UK, Costa Rica, Algeria, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Ghana, Iraq, Jordan and Pakistan.

In August 2017, AE entered into a Joint Development Agreement with General Electric (GE) to deliver power solutions encompassing: Solar, Thermal (HFO/Diesel/Gas) and Hydro solutions for mining companies and governments in Africa, as well as shared technical and project delivery expertise.

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