Hybrid power plants encompassing Thermal, PV and Storage, are being offered to mining projects either on or off grid, where a solution exists to provide 100% secure power, significant reductions in fuel costs, CO2 emissions and overall costs of electricity.

For On-grid solutions:
PV + storage can meet a significant portion of a plant’s energy needs at competitive pricing and reduce overall cost of electricity.
PV + storage can provide a ‘buffer’ in times of outage, allowing time for back up thermal power to come online, providing a seamless transition of power supply and a significant increase in power quality to the mine.
For Off-grid solutions:
PV + storage can reduce thermal generator capacity and spinning reserve requirements, leading to lower capex and O&M costs, significant fuel cost savings and a hedging solution against fuel price increases and/or future carbon costs.


AE recently completed a feasibility study for a mine in West Africa, with a power demand of 20.5MW, but suffering from grid outages resulting in millions of dollars of production losses per year, and needed an off-grid solution.

AE engineered a solution comprising PV + lithium-ion battery + HFO genset hybrid solution resulting in substantial potential savings for the mine, as shown in the table below.

Production losses Cut to zero saving millions of USD
Direct power savings USD $3.4m/year
Annual fuel savings (using a hybrid system instead of a full HFO solution) 5,040 tonnes of HFO per year
CO2 savings 298,219 tonnes of CO2 over the 19 year life of the mine
Potential LOM carbon tax savings* USD $7.45m – $14.91m

*Should proposed pricing of USD $25 – $50/tCO2e from the Paris Climate Accord come into effect

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