Argentum Energy’s management team has hands-on experience of developing and financing complex projects with decades of involvement in business and finance across Africa. The company has strong capabilities in the power sector and renewables in particular and is equipped for developing turnkey solutions both grid connected and off-grid.

The Senior Management Team has delivered and advised on over 3GW of clean energy projects – including more than 1GW of solar PV – and has closed financing and investment transactions of more than $4bn in the energy sector. Outside of this, the team has financed and delivered on a number of other capital projects.

AE was established in Mauritius to provide the platform to expand these capabilities into Africa, and specifically take advantage of the accelerated development of renewable, off-grid “captive plant” energy that is underway on the continent, and that is now expanding into the heavy industry and mining sectors. As a developer, AE is well funded and with its joint venture with METKA and other funding relationships, has good access to development and project capital.

AE is an energy business that offers clients a total energy solution, incorporating solar power with hybrid options (e.g. Gas/Diesel/HFO) that can address the base load requirements of consumers needing power 24/7, and or those clients who simply want to reduce their current power costs through fuel displacement by introducing solar.


Due to outdated and poor infrastructure, and the growing demand for power across the continent, disruptions to the grid in Africa are common place.

Infrastructure upgrades take time, and governments are often not equipped to finance and carry out much needed refurbishments and installations, so grid stability is likely to remain an issue in Africa and to power reliant industries.

The mining industry has suffered directly as a result, with outages (up to 20+ per month) becoming one of the most frequent causes of production losses, equating to up to 27% per annum in some mining districts, resulting in billions of dollars of lost production and increased maintenance costs.

The proposition of Hybrid Power Plants, comprising thermal, PV and battery is becoming increasingly attractive, and owing to price De-escalation is now competitive in unit cost terms to many African grid charges.

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